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Antique Style Necklace

Exquisite Jewellery Photography

We appreciate the challenges when photographing various styles of jewellery. Exquisite stones and reflective precious metals require careful consideration before taking each shot. Capturing clarity and detail to perfectly showcase your jewellery.
Diamond Necklace Collection

Focus on the smallest details

We photograph using the ’focus stack' method to create the highest quality, fully focused photography. Carefully placing your jewellery and taking many images closing in on each tiny detail, sometimes up to 35 images and then carefully select, process and blend to create one super crisp, detailed photograph.
Diamond Ring

Diamonds are forever

We specialise in capturing the true beauty and essence of precious stones set in fine jewellery. Our bespoke portable studio is perfect for the photography of your diamond, sapphire and ruby jewellery in the safety of your premises, creating images you will fall in love with.
Antique Brooches

Everything old is new again

We work closely with purveyors of antique jewellery, capturing character, age and condition of each fabulous piece of jewellery. We undertake all our processing and retouching in house to ensure the same pair of eyes see, capture and retouch to ensure authenticity in every photograph we take.
Contemporary Jewellery

Equate value with uniqueness

We love working with upcoming and established contemporary jewellery designers. Showcasing precise design and craftsmanship, capturing each intensional tool mark. We can organise photographing a collection with our portable studio in your workshop, studio or gallery.
Diamond and Gold Cross

Part of your team

We regularly work with client’s from all aspects of the jewellery industry, from small jewellery designers to established brands, independent jewellers and purveyors of antique jewellery to auctions houses. We are fully client-focused and always here to provide you with the very best photographs of your jewellery.
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Specialising in fine, antique and contemporary Jewellery & Watch photography. Offering a quality retouching service for your watches and jewellery. We also create bespoke images and videos for advertising, publication and social media.

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